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Our complete range of fuel monitors are supported by TransFlo’s FuelManager software suite. Fuel Manager is a comprehensive transaction and account management suite that assists you and your business to "Account For Every Drop". Developed in-house by our skilled team of application developers, the software is both intuitive and capable, with the ability to interface directly with your current and future Fleet Management Package. Many software developers overcomplicate the use of their applications, whilst offering very little in the way of functionality. At TransFlo we understand that and have ensured that whilst FuelManager is extremely intuitive, it also delivers real power at your fingertips.


With web based options, you can login to your account from any web enabled PC or Laptop via a browser and view your refuelling data as it happens. With real-time refuelling options, backed up with scure web services, you need never be too far from your valuable, organisational Management Information.


Utilising our robust disconnected architecture, site configuration can be completed via a browser. Should inernet connections be lost, you can still continue all local operations without experiencing downtime.




The reporting suite has evolved over 30 years and offers reports for all of your business needs. Rich in analysis and reporting, FuelManager also maintains integrity through secure operation and access control.

One look at our smooth interface will convince you that this application was designed around your business.

With 255 concurrent connections available, take advantage of deploying the system software to the people who really need it. Be that over WAN or LAN, FuelManager is truly network ready.

All you need is a windows compatible PC that meets our minimum system specification, which can be obtained upon request.


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