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Our highly skilled Application Development Team have produced software that not only fits your business but which is extremely intuitive and capable of interfacing with your existing and future Fleet Management Package. With feature rich Web Access, you will be able to reach your organisations management information at the click of a mouse, from just about anywhere, including your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. As you read the information on this site, our Development Teams are working on Ground Breaking, fully integrated systems to fit large scale corporate operations. Using the latest implementation of Microsoft SQL combined with an intuitive suite of applications to drive front end business, our new range of Fuel Management Systems are set to change the way that organisations manage their valuable fuel assets. Instant and "Live" sight of your assets over extensive Locan and Wide area networks will soon be available, not only to larger organisations but to all our clients. Our aim is to showcase our new range of systems at the EuroBus Expo 2012 between 6-9 Nov.

welcome to TransFlo - Your ALL-IN-ONE Fuel Management Specialists


"Suppliers of fuel management systems to the largest fleet operator in the UK"

TransFlo Instruments are leaders in the Design, Development and Manufacture of Fuel Management and Inventory Control Systems throughout the UK


TransFlo fuel management systems are at the cutting edge of industry technology, offering your business the ability to analyse vital fuel management data and statistical information at the click of a mouse. With a focus on All-In-One solutions, TransFlo Instruments provide end-to-end solutions to fit your business. With in-hous Design & Development teams, TransFlo are comitted to working with our clients to ensure our systems fit your business model and support critical decision making through software and hardware and software, application development.

With feature rich Web Based access, you can access your statistical and financial information from virtually anywhere using the most popular web browsers. Powerful and robust back-end Databases will deliver your data at the click of a mouse to give you an holistic view of your organisations valuable assets.

Accessing your management information has never been so easy using TransFlo Fuel Management Systems. With a range of cutting edge solutions designed to fit your business and operational models, TransFlo can offer locally managed, integrated systems as well as centrally managed solutions accessable via simple web browsers from any web-enabled PC or Laptop, giving you the capability to manage and view your valuable fuel assets on the go.

Integrate one of our many Automated Fuel Dispensing Systems (AFDS) into your existing fuel dispensing pumps and tanks and benefit from secure, efficient and accurate monitoring of your entire refuelling operations.  “Accounting for every drop” is our promise, with a detailed suite of reports for every eventuality, combined with a user-friendly software package that is intuitive and capable of managing your entire fleet.  TransFlo also offer proven and reliable interfaces to common fleet management packages such as SAP R3 Oil & Gas, Tranman, and Fleetmaster etc.


TransFlo's new SMART systems (Secure Monitoring with Automatic Recognition Technology) remove the need for cards, keys, fobs etc.  An example is the V-Tag nozzle mounted radio tag reader. The tag is simply attached to the vehicle and read only when the nozzle is in the tank. This highly secure transparent method requires no additional activity for the driver, other than to fill the vehicle.


As a business customer you can benefit from TransFlo fuel management systems and join an extensive and prestigious client list that include the largest fleet operators in the United Kingdom, including complete coverage of the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) world-wide, Shell UK research facility and Ford Motor company test facilities around the UK as well as the national Police services. You can have complete confidence that TransFlo fuel management systems are of the highest quality and are built to last having been implemented into extreme and testing environments.



You can download our latest product outlines below;


Product Outlines 2010/11

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