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Fuel Management Systems

Fuel Management Systems and Fuel Monitoring Solutions, Designed, Developed and Manufactured in-house

TransFlo Instruments offer class-leading Fuel Management and Fuel Monitoring Systems to fleet management organisations in both the Private and Public Sector. We deliver "at your fingertips" Management Information to keep you informed about the use, security and value of your liquid fuel assets. Keeping your fleet moving 24 hours a day 7 days a week gives you the competitive advantage that every successful organisation is looking for and assists your Logistic Supply Chain from end-to-end. We have a range of systems to suit your operational requirements and a wealth of experience gained by working with some of the UK's largest and most effective fleet management organisations.

Are you protecting your liquid assets from theft and misuse ?, Are you buying your fuel at the right time, at the right price and in the optimal quantities against known usage and most importantly, are you "Accounting for every drop" If the answer to any of those is no, then maybe we can assist. Why not have a look around and see what we are up to, who we are providing Systems and Services for and if you like what we're doing, why noy fill out our Enquiry Form and we will be in touch.

ministry-of-defence fuel system

Fuel Management Software

TransFlo Fuel Management Systems controlled by Fuel Manager provides an intuitive, easy-to-use set of accounting and reporting tools, providing accurate, measurable and complete Management Information. Accessed from just about anywhere, you are able to carry your fuel inventory data in your pocket or equally, delve into structured reports and usage analytics from your Office.

Developed alongside some of the Fuel and Fleet Management industry leading organisations, we have evolved from legacy, simplistic reporting, to industry best practice, inventory control.

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RFID Recognition Devices

Security and Access

TransFlo Fuel System Security is primarily achieved using a range of recognition and authorisation devices which restrict, control, record and quantify your daily refuelling transactions. Centrally managed and providing 24 hour a day access to your fuel management system, whilst allowing for cross-organisation transactions to take place, if required.

With separate or combined vehicle and driver authorisation, you get the option to bolt down you valuable Fuel Management System assets depending on your operational situation. Active, Passive or even Transparent recognition can be implemented for ease.

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MOD Police Fire Service Fuel Systems

Rugged, Robust Systems

Our All-New Falcon Fuel Management System offers true touch-screen capability. Designed responsively and elegantly whilst being built to last and sustain the rigours of what we all agree to be a fairly challenging environment. Our equipment operates in extremely diverse environments including a robust touch-screen interface that is daylight readable, waterproof and designed to work with or without gloves, whatever the weather.

Falcon will transition seamlessly into your organisation and give you instant control, security and integrity of your valuable Fuel, your drivers and your vehicles. How good does that sound ?

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Our Services

Installation Service

All TransFlo Fuel Management Systems are installed and implemented by our in-house Specific Equipment Specialists and offer a friendly and professional service to all our clients. Please select a link below for more information.

Support and Aftersales

With engineers placed strategically around the UK, we are always on call to deal with whatever system related issues you may experience. First visit resolution is always our goal, ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction.